About us


Founded in 2005, Istrazivac ltd. aims to be one of Croatia’s leading companies in the field of humanitarian demining and production of demining equipment (machines and working tools). Currently it employs 51 workers: 37 deminers, 4 demining auxiliary personnel, 6 medical staff (doctors and nurses) and 5 logistics support staff.

The company complies with all regulations related to searching and demining tasks, and uses equipment (machines, technical add-ons, accessories, protective equipment) that is tested and certified by responsible institutions and complies with technical and safety standards.

Istrazivac ltd. has two divisions: humanitarian demining and demining machines production. Company is open for cooperation with companies from all over the world, including but not limited to demining, mine clearace, machines production, sales and hire.


Company and its employees comply to all regulations related to mine clearance and demining, and use equipment (machines, tools, protective equipment, etc.) which is fully tested and certified from internationally recognized and accepted centers.


Company, its standard operative procedures (SOP) and all the equipment is certified by CROMAC (Croatian Mine Action Center). Since year 2008, the company achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, and in 2013 it received ISO 14001:2004 for humanitarian demining related tasks, issued by Bureau Veritas.


We poses equipment from world leading producers, including Vallon metal detectors, Borovo protective vests, Sestan-Busch helmets, etc.