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Istrazivac ltd. can supply you with high quality power belts for demining machines and other machinery. The Arntz OPTIBELT Group is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high performance drive belts.

OPTIBELT products are used where durability and quality are required without making any compromises: in machine engineering, in the automotive branch, in the agricultural engineering sector and household appliance industry.

The family-run company employs around 1500 employees worldwide. From the headquarters in Höxter (North Rhine-Westphalia), the Arntz OPTIBELT Group runs seven production locations in five countries. They are all committed to a single governance code: seven locations, five countries – one quality!

High-quality craftsmanship is not a matter of chance: The owner family of the Arntz OPTIBELT Group thinks in terms of generations and not in periods on a quarterly or yearly basis. Innovation yes, but no experiments at the expense of the quality rating. With this philosophy, OPTIBELT has ensured its place on the world market as a strong brand. So it stays that way, the owners and staff remain committed every single day: with heart, hand and understanding.

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